Vibration Monitors

The vibrations and their effect on both people and infrastructure have been gaining importance as a result of different affectations that have been shown in health and the development of work activities, as well as the effect on infrastructures and damage to vibrations. In the field of occupational health there are equipment that allows to measure the effect of vibrations both at the hand arm and the whole body level, even at the same time. These equipment should be used to monitor workers exposure and to determine if they are exceeding the recommended doses in different international standards, even today there are vibration dosimeters designed to monitor during the workday interfering as little as possible with the task of the worker On the other hand, There are also monitors to determine the level of vibrations that a structure receives according to international standards in order to know if the vibrations produced by different activities such as mining blasting, construction among others can have an effect on nearby structures causing sometimes irreparable damage. In this way, with the right equipment, the negative effects of vibrations can be prevented, either in the worker, in structures or buildings and even to check the correct functioning of certain industrial machinery by determining the maintenance required by the level of vibrations they emit.

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Producer: SVANTEK

SV 103 is the first ever made personal hand-arm vibration exposure meter. Instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for the measurements according to the European Directive 2002/44/EC.

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Producer: SVANTEK

SV 106A Six-channel Human Vibration Meter and Analyser meets requirements of ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for measurements according to ISO 2631-1,2&5, ISO 5349 and directive 2002/44/EC...

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Producer: SVANTEK

The new SV100A is a wireless whole-body vibration exposure meter suitable for whole-body measurements in accordance with ISO 2631-1. Suitable for taking measurements both on the seat and seat-back, the device...

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Producer: SVANTEK

Is an unique four-channel instrument offering 20kHz-band sound & vibration analysis. It is a perfect choice for all applications that require simultaneous class 1 noise  measurements & tri-axial...

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Producer: SVANTEK

SVAN 974 is a digital vibration level meter along with the analyser. Instrument is intended to general vibration measurements and machinery condition monitoring. It can be used by consultants,maintenance...

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