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FEATURES Portable Internal Sampling Pump Rechargeable Battery Remote Sampling Simple to Use Audible Adjustable Alarm Data Logging Convert ppm to mg/m3 INTRODUCTION   Z-300XP Formaldehyde...


PortaGas is a Houston based company offering calibration gases and associated instrumentation for environmental and industrial hygiene applications. Due to our location, we can effectively serve the needs...


Professionals in a range of industries use Zefon International air sampling filter cassettes to quickly and safely collect samples of a wide range of hazardous substances, including:


Description Environmental Sensors’ handheld Formaldehyde Meter measures formaldehyde concentration in air in a range of 0-30 ppm at a resolution of 0.01 ppm.  It is suitable to measure the employee...


Zefon International sells both preloaded cassettes and individual sampling filter membranes. We know how important it is to have the right media for the task, which is why we strive to give air quality...

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