Particulate Matter TEOM Series

Producer: THERMO SCIENTIFIC show products

Monitor for measurement of particulate material by means of oscillating micro balance element technology, ideal for measuring air quality and use in environmental monitoring stations:

  • Particulate material monitor with US EPA approval for measurement of PM2.5 and / or PM10, by means of the oscillating micro balance element principle (Depending on the model)
  • Measuring range 0-1,000,000 μg / m3
  • Resolution of 0.1 μg / m3 and accuracy of +/- 1.0 μg / m3
  • Internal pump with 3 LPM volumetric flow
  • Sample collection in 47 mm filter
  • ePort port for viewing and configuring the monitor via PC, Ethernet port, USB port, RS232 / RS485 port, TCP / IP, 8 selectable 0-1 or 0-5 VDC analog outputs.
  • Easy to operate digital touch screen
  • Operating temperature 4-50 ° C
  • Operation with 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz current
  • Dichotomous model for simultaneous measurement of PM2.5 and PM10
  • US EPA approval for PM2.5 and PM10


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