Zero Air Generator 111iQ

Producer: THERMO SCIENTIFIC show products

Zero air generator for calibration and verification of environmental monitors with minimal contamination and high precision; ideal for measuring air quality and use in environmental monitoring stations:

  • Zero air generator for verification of environmental monitors
  • Flow options of 0-10 LPM and 0-20 LPM
  • Concentration of pollutants <0.1 ppm CO, <0.1 ppm HC, <0.8 ppb O3, <0.5 ppb SO2, <0.5 ppb H2S, <0.5 ppb NH3, <0.5 ppb NO and <0.5 ppb NO2
  • 325-450 ° C converter temperature and 10-30 PSI pressure
  • Operating temperature 0-45 ° C
  • Operation with 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz current


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