Effective oxygenation system - nano bubbles technology

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The nanobubbles produced by our NBG has several unique properties that distinguish them from other bubbles generated by other conventional systems. One of the unique features of our Nanobubbles is that it remains stable in the water and have longer residence time in the water. Nanobubbles enhance the high oxygen mass transfer efficiency as the internal pressure of the bubble is inversely proportional to the size of the bubbles. (i.e, the smaller the bubble, the higher the pressure inside it.) Moreover, Nanobubbles have the largest specific surface area which intensifies the mass transfer efficiency due to the larger surface of contact between the gas and liquid phase. Thus, the explanation of the significant increase of dissolved oxygen concentration when using our Patented Nanobubble Technology

  • Industrial grade, heavy duty
  • Quite operation
  • Drastic improvement in key water parameter (DO level)
  • Sustainability through restoration of a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem for long-term success of water treatment
  • Energy efficient, saving cost up to 80%
  • Automation through programming capability
  • Built-in back wash system to lower maintenance cost


With mixture of atmospheric air and water, the DO concentration at the outlet of our NBG is measured at an average of 10mg/L. To double the DO concentration (21mg/L and above), we just need to connect a small unit of 0.75kW Oxygen Concentrator to our NBG. A unit of our 7.5kW NBG (NanoBubbles Generator) can produce 20m3/hr of oxygen-nanobubbles water with a speed of dialysis of 100m3/hr (Nanobubbles produced by our NBG are negatively charged so it inherits ionised movement close to the speed of electric current).



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