A Total suspended particulate sampler or TSP high volume air sampler is used for the collection of total suspended particulate matter in ambient air with no preference to size selection. The US EPA reference method for the collection of TSP is called out in 40 CFR 50, appendix B.  The TSP high volume air sampler collects particulate at a flow rate between 40-60 ft/³min over a constant sampling period.  The TSP high volume air sampler is used to determine the concentration of total suspended particulates or it can be used to determine the identity of the particulates

  • Sampler for PM10 particulate matter with US EPA approval
  • High volume of 40 Cfm
  • 8 "x10" Fiberglass filters
  • Available with brushless motor or brushless
  • Flow and pressure Logger
  • 7-Day Mechanical timer
  • Optional digital timer


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