SV 31

Class 1 acoustic calibrator 1000 kHz with one calibration level 114 dB

SC 91

Extension cable for SV18 preamplifier


SV 75

RS232 interface cable


SA 72

Carrying case

SV 30A

Acoustic calibrator 1000 kHz with two calibration levels 94 dB & 114 dB


SV 211B

Waterproof protection case with additional 33 Ah battery and indoor charger


SA 205

Outdoor protection kit designed to be mounted on a tripod (additional cable required)


SA 21

Tripod, height 1.5 m

SC 93 Extension cable for preamplifier SV 17

Related hardware accessories for vibration measurements:

SV 80

Single axis general purpose accelerometer 100 mV/g


SC 27

Coil cable for accelerometer SV 80 (SC18T adapter required)


SA 27/10-32

Mounting magnet for accelerometer SV 80




SV 55

Cable with integrated electronic providing RS 232 interface for SVAN 979


SV 58

GPS module


SV 203PC

GPRS modem for SVAN 979 instrument (requires SV 55 cable for direct connection to SVAN 979)

SvanPC++_RC PC software for remote communication with instrument connected to GPRS modem over internet

Other accessories:

SA 143

Carrying case


SA 79

Waterproof carrying case


SA 47

Carrying bag (fabric material)


SA 17A

External battery pack