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(Available with Brushless Motor)
Mass Flow Controlled PM10 System. Includes size selective inlet (<10 micron cut size), anodized aluminum shelter, 8" x 10" stainless steel filter holder with probe hole, blower motor assembly, continuous flow/pressure recorder, combination mass flow controller w/20-60 SCFM air flow probe, time indicator, 30" water manometer, filter media holder/filter paper cartridge, ( 8 x 10), Complete system.


Inlet collection efficiency:
EPA Reference Method RFPS-0202-141
Flow rate:
40 cfm (adjustable) (.57 to 1.7m³)
Filter media:
Micro-Quartz filter media 8" x 10" for PM10 (TE-QMA)
Flow control:
Mass Flow Controller w/20-60 SCFM Air Flow Probe (TE-300-312)
Motor blower:
2-stage vacuum 0.6 HP 110v/60hz (TE-116311), 220v/50hz (TE-116312)
Flow Indicator:
Continuos Flow/Pressure Recorder (TE-5009 w/TE-106)
Solid State Digital Timer w/Digital Elapsed Timer Indicator (TE-302)

Shipping Information:



45.5" x 22.5" x 20" sampler carton, 32 x 32 x 26 inlet carton


74 lbs. – sampler carton, 56lbs. - inlet carton

Assembled Space Requirement:

30" round x 64" high

Power Requirement

Single phase with earth ground, 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz

Motor Specifications:

110v/60hz – Part #TE-116311, 2-stage vacuum 0.6 HP., Double ball bearing thru-flow discharge, 220v/50hz – Part #TE-116312, 2-stage vacuum 0.6 HP, ball/sleeve bearing thru-flow discharge