ECOM America Ltd., the leader in portable emission / combustion analyzers manufactures models for many applications. From single gas Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide analyzers for flue gas testing to multi-gas analyzers measuring Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, & Hydrocarbons offered in several configurations, we have instruments for most combustion applications. Several models are approved and recognized by Regional, State, and Federal Environmental and Air Quality Regulatory Agencies.

Proper Sample Conditioning is an important function of portable electrochemical sensor based analyzers. What truly sets ECOM analyzers apart from our competitors is the importance we have placed on sample conditioning and gas delivery techniques. Ensuring a consistently cool and dry gas sample to the sensors is crucial to long term reliability and accuracy of the analyzer. Our maintenance analyzers incorporate a high flow pump and radiated gas cooler / moisture trap. The moisture collects in a condensate bowl, and can be automatically or manually drained, depending on the model. Our compliance level models offer sample conditioning features not found on any other brand of portable emission analyzers available today. Along with high flow pumps, recent modifications and options continue to assure accurate and reliable emission testing data.