We are a Polish company established in 1990. We design and manufacture professional instruments for sound and vibration measurements and analysis. We employ highly qualified staff among which we have 3 Ph.Ds and 15 M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.

Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality products with the best price versus performance ratio in the world market.

We entered the market in early 1993 with a portable sound and vibration analyzer, SVAN 910A. Our next best-selling instrument was the SVAN 912A(AE), a Type 1 Handheld Sound and Vibration Analyzer used for most acoustic and vibration measurements all around the world. The quality of SVAN 912A(AE) has been confirmed by type approval in a number of countries including Germany (PTB), Poland, Hungary and Russia (GOST).

In year 2000 we have introduced a new family of portable instruments called SVAN 94X. These Instruments were very powerful in spite of their pocket size format which, together with their low price, made SVANTEK recognizable in the world market. A number of instruments from SVAN 94x series have been type approved in countries like Germany (PTB), Poland, Hungary, Lithuania and Russia (GOST).

Six years after their introduction, SVAN 94x instruments were replaced by the next generation series SVAN 95x. These products extended all the features of SVAN 94x offering, for example, larger display, file saving to the USB memory sticks and time domain signal recoding. The best-selling instrument of the SVAN 95x series has been SVAN 958 four channel analyzer dedicated for Human Vibration Measurement with accompanying sound measurements.

Our offer has been recently extended by LOW COST INSTRUMENTS: SV 102 Dual Channel Dosimeter and SVAN 954 Vibration Analyzer, and SV106 Vibration Analizer.

Moreover, we have just launched a new series of monitoring stations. As all the other products, monitoring stations from SVANTEK represent the highest quality for the reasonable price which makes SVANTEK a very competitive company on a world market.