The XC-5000 Isokinetic Source Sampler is designed for conducting US EPA Method 5 and associated isokinetic methods. Take the worry out of isokinetic calculations and the human error out of data entries recorded by hand. The new XC-5000 is compatible with your existing Method 5 stack sampling components. Report preparation is streamlined with accurate data downloadable to files for easy preparation and submission to your governing agency.
All applicable components are rated 110V / 60Hz.


Uses standard Apex Instruments sample train components 
(probe, nozzle, heated filter box, impinger box, etc.)
Maintains isokinetic sampling conditions without operator assistance
Calculates stack traverse points
Calculates correct nozzle diameter for site conditions
Stores and displays user entered data and parameters
Upload and download data files
Performs instantaneous isokinetic sample flow calculations
Timer alerts operator to move the probe
Alarms indicate when acceptable conditions are not met
English or metric units selectable