The ECOM J2KN package includes:
Wireless Handheld Remote Control with Backlit LCD display.
Analyzer with up to 5 EC  sensors, for measurement of O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, Combustibles (CH4).
Ambient, Flue Gas, Sensor Temperature Measurement
Thermo-electric gas cooler & moisture trap with automatic moisture dump
On-board flowmeter
Automatic CO Over-range protection
Internal Pump with Fresh Air Bypass / Purge
Sample line (15’) with Probe (1’) – other lengths available
CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & Oxygen correction calculations
Smoke Test capability
Spare consumables (filters, printer paper, smoke test disks, etc.)
Operation Manual Protective Storage Case


With wireless remote control, the J2KN’s portabe handheld remote allows complete operation of the analyzer showing all values at a glance, zoom display capability, and plug-in memory up to 256 MB. The tactile keypad guides the operator through the various functions of the analyzer. The remote display feature makes the J2KN an ideal emission analyzer where combustion controls are located away from the flue test port on large combustion systems. The J2KN can be fitted with up to 5 gas sensors to measure O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and Combustibles, along with gas and ambient temperatures, stack draft & pressure, plus calculations of CO2, efficiency, excess air, and oxygen correction to 20%. Standard J2KN features include high flow pump with flowmeter, integral impact printer, and thermo-electric gas cooler with automatic condensate drain. Consistent flow and pressure of the gas sample assures accuracy of the gas measurement, evidenced by the in-line flowmeter, which allows the operator to monitor gas flow at all times. An on-board impact printer provides instantaneous print-out of all measured & calculated parameters. The J2K also features a SMOKE test function, handy for checking the integrity of Diesel Particulate Filters. An Automatic and Manual CO bypass function protects the CO sensor from over exposure. Sensor life generally averages 2-3 years due to proprietary design of sensor manifold and gas delivery system. Along with superior performance features, the J2KN also offers wireless transmission of real time data via remote receiver connected to your laptop PC using ECOM’s Advanced DAS & VETS software programs. Complete emission reports are transmitted and stored to your laptop while on-site. The J2KN is a compliance level analyzer, meeting all current state & federal protocols for periodic monitoring. ECOM offers custom length heated sample lines, if required for your applications. The J2KN is a portable emissions analyzer.