Magee Scientific can provide Aethalometer accessories and routine supplies such as those shown below. Please inquire with our sales team about your specific needs.

Filter Tape

Filter Tape

All models of Aethalometer® use special reinforced quartz fiber sampling tape. One roll of tape is installed in the instrument when shipped: it provides 1000 sampling spots and will last from months to years, depending on use and aerosol concentration.  We recommend an allowance of 3 to 4 rolls per year for use in the most-polluted urban locations; 1 to 2 rolls per year in suburban or regional locations. 

Size-Selective Inlets

Ambient atmospheres include suspended particles of large aerodynamic size such as pollen, dust, etc. These particles are not strongly optically absorbing and therefore do not interfere with the Aethalometer® analysis: however, after lengthy use a deposit of dust in the internal optics will degrade performance. To exclude large particles, and provide analysis of a known respirable size fraction, we recommend use of the ‘Sharp-Cut Cyclones’ designed and manufactured by BGI of Waltham, MA, USA. At a given flow rate, these exclude particles of aerodynamic size greater than a specified cut point. They are attached directly to the Aethalometer inlet tube at the point of sampling.
PM2.5 Inlet

BGI model SCC-1.828. Provides a cut point of 2.5µm at a sample flow rate of 5 LPM.

PM1/2.5 Inlet

BGI model SCC-1.197. Provides a cut point of 2.5µm at a sample flow rate of 2 LPM, or 1µm at a sample flow rate of 5 LPM.

PM1 Inlet

BGI model SCC-0.732. Provides a cut point of 1µm at a sample flow rate of 2 LPM.

BGI Inlet Kit

BGI Inlet Kit contains PM-10 inlet head with jet inserts to accommodate additional size selective capabilities including: TSP, PM-4, PM-2.5, and PM-1. Designed to operate at 5 lpm for desired particle size cut point.
Transit Case

For situations where the Aethalometer® must be shipped or transported frequently, we recommend the use of Pelican®transit cases. These provide internal padding; a sturdy waterproof exterior; and integrated retractable handle and roller wheels.