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Cyclone Sampler for Respirable Dust and Silica 
This Dorr-Oliver unit meets NIOSH sampling requirements for 10mm nylon cyclones, as specified for nuisance dust (#0600) and silica dust (#7500, 7501, 7601 and 7602).
It is designed to separate the respirable fraction of airborne dust from the nonrespirable fraction; i.e. airborne particles with aerodynamic diameters between 0.2 and 10 microns, capable of producing pneumonconiosus lung disease with long-term ­exposure. Designed for pneumonconiosus-producing dusts, it can also be effectively used to monitor the respirable fraction of all types of dusts, from high toxic to nuisance particulate.
The unit consists of a two-stage cyclone and a lightweight aluminum frame, which mounts a standard 3-part 37mm filter cassette, with membrane filter. When air enters the cyclone stage at 1.7 LPM (as recommended by NIOSH), the larger nonrespirable particles are centrifugally separated out and drop into a removable lower grit pot. The smaller, respirable particles pass on to the cassette, where they are captured by the filter membrane.
Cyclone Graph


Note how closely the separation achieved by the Cyclone Sampler (red curve) follows the convention for separation of respirable particles, as specified by ACGIH (black curve). Few other cyclone separators show such a close fit of actual to ideal performance. For example, 100% of 10 micron particles and 50% of 4 micron particles are removed by the cyclone. This corresponds with 0% of 10 micron particles and 50% of 4 micron particles that penetrate the lower lung.
Cyclone Calibration Jar


Cyclone Calibration Jar

When ordering a cyclone sampler, be sure to also order a Cyclone Calibration Jar. Since a cyclone has only a single hose connection, this jar allows proper placement of the cyclone filter between the sampling pump and the calibrator device, as shown.
Part Number Description

800061 Cyclone, Dorr-Oliver, 10mm, Nylon
7013376 Cyclone Calibration Jar
200159 Replacement Cyclone Grit Pot
801124 Replacement Cyclone Vortex Finder Accessory
Inhalable Dust Sampler

Inhalable Dust Sampler

 Meets ACGIH and MDHS 14/3 requirements for inhalable particulate
 50% cut point at 100 microns when used at 2 LPM
 Small (128 x 33 x 25 mm) including lapel clip
 Light weight (< 1 ounce or about 25 grams)
When operated at 2 LPM the Inhalable Dust sampling head collects a dust sample that follows the particle size distribution as described by the ACGIH for inhalable particulate. The ACGIH descriptions applied to particle size selective TLVs are presented below.
Respirable Particulate Matter: Those materials that are hazardous when deposited in the gas exchange region (50% cut point at 4 microns). 
Thoracic Particulate Matter: Those materials that are hazardous when deposited anywhere within the lung airways and in the gas exchange region (50% cut point at 10 microns).
Inhalable Particulate Matter: Those materials that are hazardous when deposited anywhere in the respiratory tract (50% cut point at 100 microns).

Inhalable Dust Sampler Exploded View

The inhalable fraction size distribution is described by the following table. For particles of 1 micron diameter, nearly all (97%) are captured by the sampler and collected onto the filter. For particles of 100 microns in diameter, 50% are collected onto the filter. This approximates the size distribution in the respiratory tract.

Part Number Description
811-9909-01 Inhalable Dust Sampling Head
811-9910-01 Inhalable Dust Cassette