Flexible design permits use across a wide range of applications. From site remediation monitoring to health effects studies to construction/demolition projects, the pDR-1500 provides the power and flexibility to provide both real-time results and gravimetric validation. At 41 oz., it's as easy to wear it on the belt as it is to run it in a fixed location.
Key Features:
True volumetric flow control
Interchangeable cyclones for higher accuracy cut points
Personal aerosol instrument with benchtop performance
Full compensation for environmental variables
Flexible data logging routine
Capable of compensating for all typical environmental variables, the pDR-1500 is outfitted for relative humidity compensation, true volumetric flow, pressure compensation and legacy pDR nephelometry technology. The pDR-1500 aerosol monitor also features interchangeable cyclones for superior particle-cut points available for PM10 & PM4 or PM2.5 & PM1, as well as an integrated sample filter that enables post-gravimetric validation of all data.
Additional Information:
Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range 1.0 to 10µm
Concentration Display Updating Interval : 1 second
Data Logging Averaging Periods (user selectable): 1 second to 1 hour
Total Number of Data Points in Memory: >500,000
Number of Data Tags: 99
Serial Interface: USB/RS-232, 19, 200 baud
Computer Requirements: PC compatible, 486 processor or higher; Windows* 95 or higher

Compliance: Suitable for NIOSH Methods 0500 and 0600
Certifications: CE Mark

Recommended for:
Site remediation
Size discrimination
Mass validation
Exposure modeling
Protection of asthma patients