Ammonia Analyzer, Model 17i
The Thermo Scientific* Model 17i Ammonia Analyzer utlizes Chemiluminescence technology to measure ammonia (NH3) concentrations in ambient air.
CO Analyzer, Model 48i
The Thermo Scientific* Model 48i CO Analyzer is a gas filter correlation analyzer that measures the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air.
Hydrocarbon Analyzer, Mod.55i
Thermo Scientific* Model 55i Analyzer is a back-flush gas chromatography (GC) system designed for automated measurements of methane and non-methane hydrocarbons.
Enhanced Trace Level CO Analyzer, Model 48i-TLE
Thermo Scientific* Model 48i-TLE analyzer utilizes gas filter correlation and NDIR technology to measure trace levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air.
Enhanced Trace Level SO2 Analyzer, Model 43i-TLE
The Thermo Scientific* Model 43i-TLE is a pulsed fluorescence gas analyzer for trace level sulfur dioxide (SO2) measurement in ambient air.
Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer, Model 450i
The Thermo Scientific* Model 450i utilizes pulsed fluorescence technology to measure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) in ambient air.
Model 46i Nitrous Oxide Analyzer
Thermo Scientific* Nitrous Oxide Analyzer Model 46i uitilizes gas filter correlation technology to measure nitrous oxide (N2O) concentrations in ambient.
NOx Analyzer, Model 42i-D
The Thermo Scientific* Model 42i-D utilizes chemiluminescent technology to measure levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the emissions from a source.
NOY Analyzer, Model 42i-Y
The Thermo Scientific* Model 42i-Y NOy analyzer is a chemiluminescent specialty trace level gas analyzer that measures all reactive oxides of nitrogen in the ambient air.
Ozone Analyzer, Model 49i
Thermo Scientific* Model 49i Ozone Analyzer is a dual-cell, UV Photometric analyzer for the measurement of ozone in ambient air.
Ozone Primary Standard, Model 49i-PS
The Thermo Scientific* Model 49i-PS is a UV photometric primary standard suitable for calibration of ozone analyzers and transfer standards.
SO2 Analyzer, Model 43i
The Thermo Scientific* Model 43i is a pulsed fluorescence gas analyzer for sulfur dioxide (SO2) measurement in ambient air.
TRACE Level NOx Analyzer, Model 42i-TL
Thermo Scientific* Model 42i-TL uses trace level chemiluminescent technology to monitor nitrogen oxides (NO-NO2-NOx) in ambient air.
Zero Air Supply, Model 111
The Thermo Scientific* Model 111 Zero Air Supply is a convenient system for the generation of pollutant-free zero gas.
Zero Air Supply, Model 1160
The Thermo Scientific* Zero Air Supply Model 1160 is designed for the calibration of environmental instrumentation or as an air supply in analytical laboratories for the conversion of ambient air to pollutant-free air.