The patented AEROTRAK™ 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor* indicates the surface area of nanoparticle aerosols that deposit in the lung, corresponding to the ICRP lung deposition curves for the tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the human respiratory tract. The AEROTRAK™ 9000 monitor is a portable, battery-operated diffusion charger + electrometer with real-time surface area concentration readout and data logging capability.

Nanoparticles are defined as having dimensions from 1 – 100 nm (0.001 - 0.1 µm) by material scientists and aerosol physicists. Particles in this size range are capable of depositing in all areas of the respiratory tract. Nanoparticles are too small to be measured by traditional mass-based methods and recent research has shown that the surface area of nanoparticles is highly correlated to adverse health effects.

The AEROTRAK™ 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor’s easy to use color touch screen displays data and graphs in real time, shows statistics including 8-hour time weighted average (TWA), minimum, maximum and average surface area concentrations. You can also program custom sampling protocols. With convenient data logging and long battery life, the AEROTRAK™ 9000 is ideal for workplace exposure monitoring, extended workplace sampling and research studies.

Field portable for use workplace exposure monitoring and research studies
User selectable response modes indicate lung deposited surface area of nanoparticles deposited in the tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the lung, corresponding to the ICRP lung deposition criteria
Easy to use, complete instrument programming and operation via the color touch screen
Integrated sampling pump for active sampling with a 1 µm (1000 nm) cyclone at 2.5 lpm
Survey mode for real-time readings of lung deposited surface area
Manual log mode for data logging allows you to quickly and easily setup and log data
Pre-programmed data logging mode, allows you to setup custom sampling protocols using the touch screen or TrakPro™ software and a PC
Provides immediate test statistics of real-time data or logged sample data for 8-hour TWA, minimum, maximum and average surface area concentration
Graphing real-time or logged sample data on the instrument screen
Alarm setpoint for use in workplace exposure monitoring to indicate when conditions have reached a pre-determined action limit concentration
Analog output allows remote access to real-time surface area concentration
Data logging of surface area concentration for data analysis, reporting and recordkeeping
Battery powered operation with up to three 6600 mAH LiIon rechargeable batteries provides run times up to 18 hours for extended operation
Rugged, durable stainless steel case for use in clean room applications
Works with TrakPro™ Data Analysis Software (included with instrument), allowing you to create and print comprehensive reports and graphs of logged data for analysis, reporting, and record-keeping
USB interface works with all Windows® 2000 and XP computers
The AEROTRAK™ 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor provides a simple and fast solution for indicating the surface area equivalent dose of particles in the size range of 10 t1000 nanometers. The AEROTRAK™ 9000 is well suited for the following applications:
Monitoring workplace exposure nanoparticles
Industrial hygiene surveys
Ambient work area monitoring
Baseline screening and trending
Engineering studies
Material science and production process monitoring
Inhalation toxicology research studies
AEROTRAK™ 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor
Carry case
6600 mAH LiIon rechargeable battery
Cyclone, 1 µm
Filter maintenance kit: includes 1 HEPA, 1 carbon, and 1 conductive filters
USB cable
Analog/alarm output cable
Conductive sample tubing, 3 ft./ 1 m
Power cord (types, U.S., Continental Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia)
Wrench, 9/16” (for use with cyclone)
Screwdriver, dual ended (flat/phillips)
Calibration certificate
User guide
2-year warranty
Additional 6600 mAH LiIon rechargeable batteries
External battery charger, 2 battery capacity
*US Patents 6,544,484 and 7,812,306.