Portable Aethalometer® Model AE42
The Aethalometer collects and analyzes aerosol particles continuously.  The aerosol-laden air stream is drawn through a spot on a filter tape at a measured flow rate.  Simultaneously, the tape is illuminated by light: and sensitive detectors measure the intensities of light transmitted through an un-exposed portion of the tape acting as a reference; versus the collecting spot.  As optically-absorbing material accumulates on the spot, the intensity of light transmitted through it, gradually decreases.  The decrease in light intensity from one measurement to the next is interpreted as an increase in the amount of collected material.  This increase amount is divided by the known air-flow volume to calculate the concentration.
The ‘Portable’ Model AE-42 Series Aethalometer uses the same aerosol collection, analysis and data systems as the ‘full-size’ 19-inch rack chassis models AE21 and AE31, but is constructed in a smaller chassis and equipped with an internal battery which permits independent mobile (or portable) operation: or operation from an off-grid 12-volt power source such as a vehicle or solar PV array.


  • Complete, self-contained chassis
  • Dimensions: 19″ Wide, 11″ High, 12″ Deep
  • Weight not to exceed 40 Pounds
  • Filtration and Analysis Chamber to provides continuous filtration with optical transmission analysis to measure elemental carbon
  • Automatically advancing quartz fiber filter tape
  • Internal sample aspiration pump
  • Air mass flow rate control with closed-loop feedback
  • AC charger; cables for external 12-volt operation
  • Sample inlet tubing
  • Sample inlet fittings
  • Roll of filter tape
  • Floppy disk drive 3.5″
  • Box of 3.5″disks
  • <0.1 micrograms/meter-cubed sensitivity
  • One (1) digital output
  • One (1) analog output
  • 100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz Power Adapter supplied by Magee Scientific.
  • May be operated from 12 V external power source.
  • 0 ~ 40 °C operating, non-condensing
  • Approximately 15 minutes required from power-up to valid

The Portable Aethalometer can be operated from its internal battery; an AC charger; or by cables from an external battery, automobile power outlet, or other 12-volt power source such as solar photovoltaic panels. This instrument is widely used for studying indoor air quality, field work, and for the mobile mapping of the air quality impacts of localized sources.