Automated batch analyzer repeatedly collects and analyzes small amounts of the sample stream drawn in by the pump. Central to the instrument's operation is an eight-port, two-position, rotary valve which is used to introduce the gas sample into the analyzer and to control the flow of gases through the chromatographic column. The proprietary column design is unaffected by the oxygen content of the sample and provides complete recovery of low volatility compounds while achieving absolute separation of methane from all C2 compounds.
Adjustable ranges
Real-time correction of THC readings
Automatic flame sensing and ignition
Automatic calibration and span check
70-second analysis
In-line particulate filter
Ethernet connectivity for efficient remote access
Enhanced user interface with one button programming and large display screen
Flash memory for increased data storage and user downloadable software
Enhanced electronics design optimizes product commonality
Improved layout for easier accessibility to components
Choose from the following configurations/options to customize your own Model 55i:
Voltage options:
  A: 120VAC 50/60Hz (standard)
  B: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
  J: 100 VAC 50/60 Hz
Zero Air Source:
  N: No Zero Air Source (standard)
  Z: Zero Air Source (External Pump)
Optional I/O:
  A: None (standard)
  C: I/O expansion board (4 to 20mA outputs - 6 channels, 0 to 10V inputs - 8 channels)
Mounting Hardware:
  A: Bench mounting (standard)
  B: Ears and handles, EIA
  C: Ears and handles, Retrofit
Compliance: ETL, CSA, UL, CE