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Imagen 67
Producer: GFG

The ultimate docking station for instrument maintenance is the DS400 Docking Station for the G450 / G460 gas detectors. The DS400 automatically performs functional bump test and calibration; simply place...

Imagen 68
Producer: GFG

The TS400 Test Station for the G450 and G460 makes daily bump testing simple. The TS400 automatically performs a full functional test that includes bump test, extensive sensor tests and alarm tests. After...

Imagen 69
Producer: GFG

Automatic test station compatible with monitors for 1 gas of the family Micro IV of the brand GfG providing v a data assurance and ensuring the correct operation of the monitors for gas during its operation....

Imagen 80
Producer: GFG

Stable long-life charge-carrier-injection sensor

Imagen 81
Producer: GFG

Extremely stable oxygen (O2) sensor lasts 5 years

Imagen 82
Producer: GFG

Simple to use and extremely economical

Imagen 83
Producer: GFG

The CS 21 transmitter uses the proven chemosorption detection principle for detection of toxic gases, vapors and combustibles. The rapid response of the transmitter provides opportunity to take counter...

Imagen 84
Producer: GFG

The CC 22 works according to the heat of reaction principle, a proven method for measuring combustible gases. The transmitters are fitted with high-performance electronics for voltage stabilization, processing...

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