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Imagen 64
Producer: GFG

Personal monitor for a single gas including more than 15 options to choose with or without internal pump. It has a practical and robust design ideal for high-demanding tasks, in addition to having unique...

Imagen 66
Producer: GFG

Personal monitor for up to 6 gases including sensors for toxic gases, catalytic sensor for combustible gases and vapors (LEL), photoionization lamp (PID) for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and non-dispersive...

Imagen 65
Producer: GFG

Personal monitor for up to 4 gases including CO, H2S, LEL, O2 with or without internal pump, with a practical and robust design ideal for demanding tasks. Ideal for use in Industrial Hygiene and Safety...

Imagen 67
Producer: GFG

The ultimate docking station for instrument maintenance is the DS400 Docking Station for the G450 / G460 gas detectors. The DS400 automatically performs functional bump test and calibration; simply place...

Imagen 68
Producer: GFG

The TS400 Test Station for the G450 and G460 makes daily bump testing simple. The TS400 automatically performs a full functional test that includes bump test, extensive sensor tests and alarm tests. After...

Imagen 69
Producer: GFG

Automatic testing station compatible with monitors for 1 gas of the Micro IV family of the GfG brand providing v assurance of the data and ensuring the correct operation of the monitors for gas during...

Imagen 80
Producer: GFG

Fixed gas sensor for Ammonia monitoring ideal for the detection of this compound in cooling systems through its technology of Injection Carrier Charge giving a longer life and resistance to the exposure...

Imagen 81
Producer: GFG

Fixed gas sensor for oxygen monitoring with fast response and high durability up to 5 years of the sensor. A low-cost solution for oxygen deficiency responses immediately warning of a low oxygen level....

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