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Producer: TISCH

The Tisch Environmental TE-Wilbur is the most advanced low volume air sampler system in the industry. The TE-Wilbur can be configured for TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1 as well as any other particulate separation...

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Producer: TISCH

A PM10 high volume air sampler is a federal reference method (FRM) instrument designed to collect ambient particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10µm or less.  This sampler uses a size...

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Producer: TISCH

The Tisch Environmental PM2.5 high volume air sampler is a non-Federal Reference Method sampler for the collection of particulate matter that is 2.5µm or less.  Its primary uses is for non regulatory...

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Producer: TISCH

A Total suspended particulate sampler or TSP high volume air sampler is used for the collection of total suspended particulate matter in ambient air with no preference to size selection. The US EPA reference...

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Producer: TISCH

Environmental particulate material sampler for measurement of polyurethane foam particles and pesticide particles and vapors under the TO4A, TO9A and TO13 method. High volume sampler 200-280 L / min with...

Producer: TISCH

6 Stage cascade impactor for airborne aerosol collection containing bacteria or fungi, ideal for testing of protocols such as EN 14683 for medical face mask biological filtering efficiency: 6 Stage...

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