Water Quality Monitors

Water is undoubtedly one of the most important natural resources, but the most important we have. The existence not only of the human being but of its activities depends closely on the capacity we have to access this resource and the quality of water that we can have for various activities, both daily and industrial. For this reason, measuring water quality and controlling pollution levels has become one of the priorities for different governmental entities and environmental institutions such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The water quality monitors allow to monitor bodies of water of different types to know what their current state is in different parameters such as pH, OD, Conductivity, Turbidity among others. In this way, the quality of a body of water can be evaluated, as well as controlling whether it improves or worsens with the passage of time and the effects that human activity may have on it.

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Producer: IN-SITU

The Aqua TROLL 400 is an all-in-one multiparameter process probe that measures 12 water parameters. The probe contains six water quality sensors housed in a sub-2 inch unit, measuring actual and specific...

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Producer: IN-SITU

Multiparameter sonde with internal data logging and battery power

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Producer: IN-SITU

The Future of Water Quality Monitoring The smarTROLL Multiparameter (MP) Handheld combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility. The intuitive iSitu® Application...

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Producer: IN-SITU

Multiparameter probe for water quality measurement for measurement of up to 4 simultaneous parameters. Ideal for short-term monitoring, remediation, mining, monitoring in lakes, rivers among other applications...

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