Portable gas detection

Gas monitors are used in various industrial safety and occupational health applications for the measurement and monitoring of gases, allowing the generation of a controlled environment for workers and determining safe operating conditions when exposed to gases. The gas monitors allow real-time monitoring of several gases, mainly toxic gases, oxygen concentration, explosive gases and volatile organic compounds. Gas monitors allow control over existing risks for both workers and the operation of a particular process. They are ideal in applications such as confined spaces, industrial safety in industry in general and petroleum industry, determination of leakages in processes, protection of workers brigades,

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Producer: GFG

The ultimate docking station for instrument maintenance is the DS400 Docking Station for the G450 / G460 gas detectors. The DS400 automatically performs functional bump test and calibration; simply place...

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Producer: GFG

The TS400 Test Station for the G450 and G460 makes daily bump testing simple. The TS400 automatically performs a full functional test that includes bump test, extensive sensor tests and alarm tests. After...

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Producer: GFG

Automatic test station compatible with monitors for 1 gas of the family Micro IV of the brand GfG providing v a data assurance and ensuring the correct operation of the monitors for gas during its operation....

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Producer: ION

Cub is a personal photoionisation detection (PID) gas monitor for the fast, accurate detection of volatile organic and total aromatic compounds, keeping you safe within your working environment.  With...

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Producer: ION

The leading technology of the TIGERLT makes it the most advanced, low-cost handheld VOC detector on the market giving you the most accurate, reliable results you can count on, every time. Whether...

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The wavelength generator filter has a unique design that allows rapid, accurate wavelength selection a feature that separates it from other gas analyzers.

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The TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer is 21% lighter than earlier models and more compact than most stand alone FID analyzers. The lightweight and compact design reduces fatigue for true portability and is easier...

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