Mask Filter Testing

The last events associate to COVID19 have made respiratory protection an important part of our daily life, however in the market are different types and manufactures of respiratory protection. The different brands and models of mask require use of filter array that protect us from particles getting inside our breathing zone, and many of this filtration systems need to be tested for be sure that actually are offering a performance that would protect the person that its using it. In general, are two main test associates to masks, in one hand it’s the biological filtration efficiency that measure the number of biological particles that are passing through the barriers of the filter. In other hand it’s the particle filter efficiency where its measure the percent of particles that are passing through the filters of the mask and penetrating in the breathing zone of the person that it’s using it.

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Producer: TISCH

6 Stage cascade impactor for airborne aerosol collection containing bacteria or fungi, ideal for testing of protocols such as EN 14683 for medical face mask biological filtering efficiency: 6 Stage...

Producer: TSI

Automated filter testing bank for testing particulate respirator filters, disposable filtering pieces and other filter media. Ideal for quality control and test of respirators of leading manufacturers...

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