Isokinetic Sampler

The Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) of the United States has developed through its existence several reference methods for the measurement of pollution parameters emitted by fixed sources. The monitoring of fixed emission sources is carried out by means of an isochinese sampling, where it is sought to collect a representative sample of the emission of a chimney using the principle of isokinetism which consists in taking a sample at exactly the same speed and condition that is emitted in normal operation without overestimating or underestimating the amount of pollutants emitted by an emission source. The isokinetic samplers are sample systems for the different methods of the US EPA that consist of a console (Pump) that can be manual or automatic and a series of glassware.

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Apex Instruments Inc. offers a wide array of equipment and supplies for sampling stationary source emissions for pollutants in accordance with US EPA Reference Methods. Most of the methods are generally...

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