Respirator Fit Testing

One of the most commonly used personal protection elements in the industry in general are disposable respirators as well as those that come with specific filters. These elements are designed to protect people from different gases, vapors or high levels of particulate matter that may be in their daily work and thus avoid a work accident or a long-term effect on the health of the worker. The implementation of these respirators protects the worker from different hazards to which he is exposed, however, the use of these elements is as important as his proper choice. For this reason, OSHA and other government entities have developed specific protocols to perform adjustment tests on these respirators and developed a whole set of regulations. These protocols seek that not only the worker wear respiratory protection but also seek to ensure that the protection they are using is correct in that it fits appropriately to the characteristics and morphology of the person who will use it. Today there is instrumentation that allows these protocols step by step using quantitative methods that give a factor adjustment of the respirator to the user allowing to know how good is the seal of a specific respirator on the face of a worker and ensuring that in reality use it this will be protected from any danger.

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The PORTACOUNT® PRO Respirator Fit Tester is the easy way to reliably fit test any tight-fitting respirators. 

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No other fit tester can quantitatively fit test all types of respirators—gas masks, SCBAs, respirators, even N95 disposable (filtering-facepiece) respirators. The PORTACOUNT®Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester...

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The new PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester is a quantitative respirator fit tester. It features intelligent touchscreen solutions that support respiratory protection programs from training through compliance.

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The only commercially available instrument in the world that can quantitatively fit test all tight fitting respirator face masks, including all N95, P1 and P2 filtering face piece respirators! Accept no substitutes...

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