Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic fields have become an area of ​​study in the last decade. As our society makes use of different technologies that use the concepts behind waves and electromagnetic fields, it has become necessary to measure, monitor and evaluate human exposure to this type of energy. Depending on the frequency these monitors allow the measurement in different applications such as electrical networks, electromedicine, telecommunications, laboratories, railways, industry in general among others.

Common applications:

  • Telecommunications:
    • Wireless telecommunication networks: IEC 62232, EN 50400, EN 50401
    • Certification of telecommunication facilities (Royal Decree 1066/2001)
    • Broadcasting: IEC 62577, EN 50475, EN 50476, EN 50496, EN 50554
    • Satellite installations
  • Evaluation of the workplace: EN 50499
  • Protection of people with implanted medical equipment: EN 50527-1
  • Human exposure assessment: EN 50413
  • R & D / Laboratories
  • Microwave drying
  • Leak detection
  • Radar
  • Defense (Including low frequencies)
  • Energy: IEC / EN 62110
  • Railway: EN 50500
  • Welding: EN 50505
  • Induction heating (LF): EN 50519
  • Casting by electric arc or by induction
  • Appliances: IEC / EN 62233, EN 50366
  • RFID / EAS: EN 50364, EN 50357, IEC / EN 62369-1
  • Electromedicine: IEC 60601
  • Electrical and electronic equipment: IEC / EN 62311
  • Broadcasting: IEC 62577, EN 50475, EN 50476, EN 50496, EN 50554
  • Certification of mobile telephone base stations (Royal Decree 1066/2001)
  • Certification of WiFi transmitters
  • Filter
Imagen 213
Producer: Wavecontrol

Personal monitor for electromagnetic fields for the evaluation of exposure and assurance of job security. The Wavemon due to its size and low weight is an ideal equipment to place workers exposed to electromagnetic...

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Producer: Wavecontrol

Fixed monitor for the continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields allowing to control without interruption the emitted levels of diverse types of electromagnetic sources like mobile telephony stations,...

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