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Fixed monitor for the continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields allowing to control without interruption the emitted levels of diverse types of electromagnetic sources like mobile telephony stations, high voltage lines, Wifi among other sources. This instrument allows to have a total control and to alert by telemetry by internet when a value or limit required is surpassed:

  • Fixed monitor for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields by isotropic sensor, RMS with simultaneous measurement on all 3 axes.
  • Interchangeable probes available from 10 Hz to 40 GHz
  • Configurable data storage of 1-60 minutes with sampling frequency of 500 ms
  • Registration in internal memory and microSD memory
  • Wireless communications via GPRS / 3G modem
  • Transmission of data to web server for information management, alarms, personalization, reports among others
  • Programmable alarms and built-in GPS
  • 24/365 continuous monitoring with AC 110-220 V, 12 VDC power supply, solar panel or battery (With autonomy of 10 days without sun)
  • Easy installation and compliance with recommendation ITU-T K.83 which defines the bases for the continuous monitoring of emission by electromagnetic fields
  • Degree of protection IP 66


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