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Portable monitor for electromagnetic fields for exposure assessment and assurance of job security. This equipment complies with both functions in one, as an instrument that measures fields and electromagnetic waves with interchangeable intelligent probes that allow total flexibility to measure in a wide range of applications in different areas such as telecommunications, energy sector, rail, medicine, laboratories, aeronautics, labor security, defense and industry in general:

  • Portable monitor for measuring electromagnetic fields with choice of broadband, selective or dual. Ideal for compliance with the occupational safety directive 2013/35 / EU.
  • Use by removable probes with detection and automatic recognition. Available probes:
    • Electric fields (E): models WPF3, WPF6 / 8, WPF18, WPF40
    • Electric (E) and magnetic (H) fields: models WP50, WP400, WP400-3
    • Magnetic fields (H): models WPH60, WPH1000
    • Electric fields (E) of mobile bands: WPT
  • Wide band of 1 Hz - 40 GHz depending on the coupled probe
  • Spectral analysis (FFT) 1 Hz - 400 kHz
  • Instantaneous, maximum, minimum, average reading values ​​in field components Y, X and Z.
  • Field units configurable for both H / Magnetic field (V / m, kV / m, μW / cm2, mW / cm2, W / m2,%) and field E / Electric (nT, μT, mT, T, A / m,%, mG)
  • Configurable recording time from 0.5 to 6 min with capacity for up to 1 million records
  • Data download and PC connection through mini USB or fiber optic port with data analysis using SMP2 Reader software
  • Color TFT screen
  • GPS (Optional)
  • Operation through rechargeable lithium ion battery for a battery life of up to 14 hours (Depending on the probe attached)


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