Compact Air Quality Monitoring Station

Environmental stations with US EPA approval have been used over the last few years to measure air quality parameters in large cities, however the high initial cost and operating cost mean that not all government entities can have the same amount. required from these stations, which means that there are very few samples in large areas. In this way, compact monitoring stations have been developed which can measure parameters of particulate material and gases simultaneously with a lower cost of investment and operation allowing having more stations per unit of study area and in this way have accurate information.

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Producer: UNITEC

All-in-one integrated environmental monitoring station for gas measurement as a parameter of air quality. Monitoring of up to 5 gases between which you can choose CO, CO2, C6H6, O3, NO2, CH4, NOx, H2S,...

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Producer: UNITEC

The ETL One is a multiparametric station equipped with Unitec SENS-IT for continuous gas and dust monitoring with high precision and accuracy, featured by easy use and very low ownership costs. The ETL One is equipped...

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Producer: UNITEC

The ETL BUS is the new All-In-One air quality monitoring solution designed and manufactured by Unitec, for indicative measurement (Directive 2008/50/EC) and specifically engineered in a box for car or bus roof...

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