GfG Instrumentation is committed to the protection of life and property by developing and producing the safest and most reliable gas detection equipment available
SV 104 and SV104IS
Latest and smallest ever noise dosimeter, NOW Intrinsically Safe too. It has incredible functionality, taking full noise dosimeter capabilities into a compact style instrument that beats anything else on the market hands down!
Air quality monitoring and reporting requirements in United States, China, India, Europe and Latin America are redefining and shifting. Together we can arrive at solutions that make sound business sense.
Instrumental solutions in aerosol science and technology, ambient particulate sampling
Experts in high volume air sampling, lead sampling, lead samplers, particulate monitoring, particulate emissions, pesticide monitoring, pesticide sampling for over 50 years.
Thermal Environment Monitoring Systems: Data logger, sensors and software for comfort, heat stress and cold environments evaluation.
Air monitoring assures personnel exposure to volatiles poses no risk according to regulatory requirements (TWA and STEL), zero risk of fire (LEL) and appropriate manufacturing environments.
Energy and comfort
Investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems allow you to accurately and reliably measure a wide variety of HVAC testing and balancing parameters that will have your building HVAC system operating at peak efficiency.
SV 111
The State of the Art instrument designed for human vibration measurements according to ISO 8041. The design of the calibrator is based on the triaxial reference accelerometer and microprocessor controlled shaker.